Maintenance Wash

clean & protect

here's an insight into the steps for paintwork cleaning & protection*


First off, we rinse the vehicle from top to bottom, using clean water and a jet wash. Working from the top down ensuring that any loose debris or dirt present on the vehicle is washed away and not left on any surfaces.

Snow Foam

With the vehicle rinsed, it’s on to the snow foam. We allow the solution to dwell on the surface for a time and work its magic. Snow foam helps to cleanse the surface of the car, loosening road dirt, grime and other unwanted elements that could damage the paint.


The next stage of this service, at our car wash in Stevenage, is to complete saturate the wheels with high-quality wheel cleaner. This ensures that the enamel receives a thorough clean, with imperfections significantly reduced and dirt, grease and grime removed.

Car Shampoo

Following the wheel cleaning and snow foam, we use our three-bucket car shampooing method, working panel by panel to completely cleanse your vehicle’s exterior. The three-bucket technique ensures that grime and dirt is removed, and never reapplied to the exterior while washing.

Jet Wash and Dry

We finish up with another jet wash and dry off with a good drying towel. Our car wash in Stevenage is equipped to complete this service to the very highest standards and, thanks to our expertise, we ensure the best outcomes every time.

Waxing and Ceramic Coating

After your maintenance wash, you may wish to top up the protection and finish of your vehicle’s paintwork and wheels with a fresh wax or ceramic coat. We can do this for you too, guaranteeing the best finish every time.

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