Machine Polish

Luxury Finish

Our technicians are highly trained and only use the highest-quality products on every job, ensuring the best finishes and long-lasting results


These appear as blurry, dull trails and tend to be the result of poor paint refining techniques. Fortunately, they can be polished out during the refining and finishing stages of our machine polishing service.

Water Spots

It may sound counterintuitive but tap water isn’t especially pure, when compared to rain water. Unfortunately, the former is what we use to wash our cars. Over time, these impurities can embed into the surface of your vehicle and cause long-lasting damage.


Have you noticed that your paintwork has developed a milky, faded appearance? Red cars fade to pint and black cars fade to grey. It can be difficult to reverse but our service for paint correction in Stevenage can restore your paint.

Water and Acid Etching

The primary cause of water and acid etching is bird droppings. It’s never nice to return to your vehicle and find it but, even after wiping it off, the damage can continue. It can eat through the top layer of your paint, all the way down to the primer. We’ll buff it out for you.

Fine Scratches

Usually coming about as a result of contact with bushes or clothing, a build-up of these can leave you r vehicle looking a little the worse for wear. With our paint correction in Stevenage, we can ensure they’re polished off and removed.

Swirl Marks

As the sun hits your car, you might notice a “spider-web” scratch pattern on the surface. These are usually the result of bad cleaning techniques (something you won’t experience with SCT!). Our polishing service can remove these and restore your paintwork.

Luxury Waxing or Ceramic Coating

After machine polishing, we offer a luxury wax or a ceramic coating, to protect your car’s shine. Contact us for more info. 

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