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here's an insight into the steps we undertake to ensure your vehicle is decontaminated


The first step is to complete a thorough pre-wash of your vehicle, with a suitable chemical cleaner, as well as bug and grime remover. This is followed by the application of Avalanche Snow Foam, which will cleanse your paintwork, while loosening dirt and grime.

Contact Wash

After pre-washing, it's onto the contact wash. Your car valet in Stevenage will carry out a full “three-bucket” wash (one for soap application, one for rinsing and another for your wheels), before attempting the decontamination stage.

Decontamination Wash

The “decon wash” stage is a process designed to remove the most harmful of ingrained contaminates - sharp metal particles. These, if left unchecked, can cause long-term damage to your paintwork, reducing that sleek shine that every car deserves.

Tar & Glue Removal

Some of the most stubborn contaminates you'll find anywhere are tar, adhesive residues, tree sap, rubber and fuel staining. Your car valet in Stevenage will ensure that these are removed effectively, so that they cannot cause damage to your vehicle.


Claying is the final step in cleansing your paintwork. The general idea is to remove deeply ingrained impurities that, most of the time, you won't be able to see. These include mineral deposits from water, tree sap and protein deposits from bugs and bird droppings.


After fully decontaminating, your paint surface will now be optimal for wax or sealant bonding, or ready for any level of paint correction, from hand to machine polishing. We offer a variety of other services to ensure the long life and sleek look of your paintwork.

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